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Our Services

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of businesses in this evolving and exciting environment. Apart from intellectual property and data protection consultation and training, we provide trade mark, patent, design and domain name search and registration services. We help businesses devise intellectual property strategies and establish processes to manage intellectual property assets.



- IP rights & ownership

- IP asset management

- IP portfolio management

- IP business strategy

- IP protection strategy

- Branding strategy

- Copyright protection

- Trade secret protection

- Consumer protection

- Alternate dispute resolution

Clearance Search

Business name search & clearance​

Brand name search & clearance

- Corporate logo artwork clearance

- Product launch clearance

- Advertising slogan clearance

- Marketing collaterals clearance

- Invention prior art novelty search

- Freedom-to-operate clearance




- IP assignment

- IP licensing

- IP franchising

- IP valuation

- IP asset securitization

- IP bequest & inheritance

- Import & export partnership
- Royalty negotiation

- Brand image control

- Corporate identity kit

Data Protection


- Personal Data Protection Act compliance

Privacy policy

- Data protection policy

- Confidentiality policy

- Data access & management

- Website terms and conditions

- Employment contract

- Contractual documentation


We work closely with our sister law firm, MOI Law Corporation, to provide comprehensive legal and IP support to our clients.  For legal services, please see menu on

Domain Name


- Domain name strategy

- Domain name protection

- Domain name search

- Domain name reservation

- Domain name registration

- Domain name portfolio management

- Domain name block

- Domain name transfer

- Domain name challenge

- Domain name dispute resolution



- Trade mark registration & renewal

- Design registration & renewal

- Domain name registration & renewal

- Patent registration & maintenance

- Geographical indication registration

​Plant variety registration

- Business name reservation

- Business registration

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